• A2.1 elaborations of materials for the various events (partially outsourced for printing, design materials)
  • A2.2 pre-testing of target groups
  • A2.3 elaborations of pilot groups for practical activities in the simulated firms depending on their main skills and abilities revealed by the tests
  • A2.4 testing of the target group for identification of main competencies; elaboration of a chart for career development for each team
  • A2.5 explanations of main interest points in creating and grounding a cross-border CV.

    Also, this stage includes cross-border business management courses:

  • A) Cross-border economics
  • B) European project management:
    • Module 1: European project writing
    • Module 2: European project implementation
  • C) Cross-Border Marketing
  • D) Cross-Border legislation and start-up/spin-off creation for renewable energies businesses.