• A4.1. 2 job-shops: there will be 1 e-work-shop that will invite pupils from other secondary schools in both partner institutions; this will include two stages: the Romanian pupils involved in the project will talk to the guest pupils of Vrsac describing their present business environment and their own experience in the project and Serbian pupils will talk to Romanian guests of LP; in both cases contact information will be exchanged and future professional cross-border cooperation will be made.
  • The job-shop will be developed first in Timisoara and then in Vrsac.

  • A4.2. 4 conferences: will include business talks from serbian and romanian representatives, speeches from the pupils about their simulated
  • experience, launching and closing conferences
  • A4.3. “FIRMS FOR SCHOOLS” Caravan
  • A4.4. Media publicity for the entire period of the project